• Summer Splash! * * * Pre-order Yours This Week!

    Our summer tees are flying off the shelves, so order yours by Friday, July 15th for fastest delivery. All sizes, all colors, plus you'll save some green, too! Click here to order.

  • kai-peer-EEEN-yah!

    Loosely translated, Cachaça means “firewater,” but when mixed with limes, sugar and ice, it takes on a different name: Caipirinha, and it turns out that it's the perfect tropical tonic for summer. Try Brazil Club's recipe this week.

  • Our Weekly Show: The New Bossa Nova

    The Girl From Ipanema’s daughter got tired of singing her mother’s old tunes. Now she’s into the latest styles from Milan! This week the New Bossa sound pluses our playlist. How did this happen? Read the preview & click here to listen!

  • Do Something Nice For Your Ears

    Take a Brazilian break! It\'s a jazzy blend of Brazilian pop plus crossover hits from both side of the equator. Settle in with Scott Adams weekdays 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Central.


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