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Published: 04/12/2017

by Scott Adams


Program #1298 - 'The Best Brazilian Compilations'

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April is Discovery Month! 

This week, we’ll navigate the tricky waters of Brazilian song to find the best compilation albums. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook for tips on getting the most out of Brazil Club, too. Here are a few to get you started:

Fly Me To Brazil:  The Sounds of Brazil is celebrating its 25th year on the radio by sending lucky Loyal Listeners like you to Brazil! Be sure to visit our homepage at noon Central on Saturday April 22nd for all the details. April 22nd Brazil's 'Day of Discovery', when Portuguese explorers claimed the country. This year, you'll be making a discovery of your own with The Sounds of Brazil!



Brazil Back2Back serves up a great lineup this week: The Hump Day edition features a pair of New Music hits and Friday brings us a voice that could very well tempt you to pack you bags and head off to Brazil! It's Salvador's Jussara Silveira. Always two-of-a-kind when you listen at the top of the hour at 11 am and 2 pm Central exclusively on our streaming station. Daily Listening Guide.

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Sunday's Brazilian Brunch celebrates two more additons to Brazilian Pop Music's 'Thirty-something' club: Marisa Monte and saxophonist Leo Gandelman! Only on Sundays at 5 am, 9 am, 2 pm and 8 pm Central time and only on The Sounds of Brazil's streaming station. 

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Life in the Lounge is pretty sweet these days: Our Real-time Playlist serves up the best info on every song we play and when you request a song, style or artist on the Brazil Club Lounge page you could win a CD for yourself and a friend – even hear your name on The Sounds of Brazil too. Go ahead, its fun!

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"Fly Me To Brazil!":  It's our 25th Anniversary and The Sounds of Brazil will be sending loyal listeners like you to Brazil this summer. Visit our home page at Noon Central on Saturday, April 22nd for details!




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This week’s show:

History tells us that Pedro Álvares Cabral first set foot on the beaches of present-day Bahia to claim ‘Terra Brasil’ for the Portuguese empire on April 22nd, 1500. However, there is no accurate accounting of what music was on his Caravalle at the time.

If I had been lucky enough to be included in that first landing ‘party’, I would have suggested that we all tune in to this week’s edition of The Sounds of Brazil – and the ‘Best Brazilian Compilation Albums.’

When I was starting out as a Brazilian music fan here in Chicago, I’d drive the 40 miles downtown to Rose Records every week or so to peruse their ‘import’ bins, and because I barely understood Portuguese and had very little experience to go on, I’d buy just about every compilation CD or record album I could find. Even back then, the expectation of another musical adventure would bring to me a certain excitement – what would I find? What new favorite songs would I hear?

That sense of anticipation made the distance grow shorter with each trip, and by the time I had started The Sounds of Brazil in 1992, I had amassed quite a large collection of ‘Best of’ and compilation albums and I discovered that these musical explorations really were paying off.

As baseball great Yogi Bera famously said: “You can hear a lot just by listening.”

New Names. New sounds. Stories waiting to be revealed. That's what 'Discovery Month' is all about - to encourage you to explore Brazil from Bossa to Jazz and Samba, from Choro to Forro, from Lambada to MPB and beyond.

Just getting started with Brazil? Maybe you’re ready to learn more about new names, styles or songs. Or perhaps you’re reading this as someone who is new listener to ‘The Sounds of Brazil!’ radio program. If any of this strikes a chord, then this show is the perfect introduction to a month of ‘discovery’!

There’s no shortage of compilations today.  But they’re not all created equal, so this week, we’ll sample dozens of the best, from a variety of styles.

You’ll hear favs from saxophonist Leo Gandelman, Rita Lee’s ‘Bossa & Beatles’ collection, guitarist Lee Ritenour, Gal Costa, Brazilian piano great Luis Eça and more, plus songs from Chicago to London and from Italy and Germany too!

And a special event: Emilio Santiago’s final recording makes its broadcast debut on The Sounds of Brazil this week, from… (what else?) a compilation album!

Check out the playlist, below.

~ ~ ~


‘Best Brazilian Compilations’

Hour 1: 

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Asa<>Lee Ritenour & Djavan/World of Brazil

Rio<>Café Jam/Moio

Scarbourogh Fair<>Sergio Mendes &Brasil 66/Greatest Hits

Welcome to The Lounge             

Mais<>Rosalia de Souza/Garota Diferente

Special Announcement

Decoolage<>Thievery Corporation/Saudade 


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Stay With Me<>Dill Costa & Alazae/Sushi Samba 

All My Loving<>Rita Lee/Bossa & Beatles

Introduce Next Song

Easy Ridin’<>Leo Gandelman/Western World

Jazzil<>Corcovado Experience/Bossa Now #6: After Dark        

Acendeu<>Jorge Vercillo/ Como Diria Blavatsky


Set 3: Brazilian Minute: The River of Doubt (Presented by Copa Airlines at Copa.com)

Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

É Preciso Perdoar<>Emilio Santiago/Nossa Onda É Essa 

For T<> Ed Johnson & Novo Tempo/Movimento



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Hour 2: 

Set 1:

Faceira<>Gal Costa/Aquarela Do Brasil

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Stay<>Astrud Gilberto/Next Stop Wonderland

Gool! Samba Para Ronaldo<>Bobby Brazil/Amazonica

Tristeza De Nos Dois<>Luiz Eca/Bossa Nova-Sua Historia

Special Announcement

Nao E Um Bolero<>Djavan/Vidas Pra Contar

Bossa Real<>Kenny G/Brazilian Nights


Set 2:

Introduce Brazil Back2Back: Bebel Gilberto

So Nice<>Bebel Gilberto/Tanto Tempo

Cada Beijo<>Bebel Gilberto/Bebel

Introduce Next Song

La Vem A Baiana<>Jussara Silveira/Samba Bossa Nova


This Is For Luisa<>Trio Da Paz/Brasilian Romance


Set 3:

Camaleão<>Grover Washington, Jr./A Love Affair         

Like A Lover<>Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66/Best of Sergio Mendes

~ ~ ~

Next Week: If you’re tired of the spring that most of us here in the US are suffering through, you’re sure to love next week’s show ‘Brazil Chill’.  We could sure use a break and maybe our playlist will inspire the weatherman, too!

I hope you’ll enjoy the show and please - tell a few Chicago friends about us Sundays at 2 pm on 90.9 FM WDCB. It's always great to share the music.

Always a pleasure,


Scott Adams

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