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Published: 12/06/2017

by Scott Adams


Program #1332 - '1967'

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Few years resonate with more energy and contrast that 1967 in Brazil, and for those who follow such things (like us, for example), it’s a year that could be easily overlooked at first glance.

After all, the years that grab the headlines for Brazilian music find the spotlight pretty easily... 1958 marked the birth of Bossa Nova, 1964 introduced us to ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ and then there's that whole Brasil 66 thing. Beyond that, the path becomes an overgrown trail...

But why? Because today’s headlines are not the stories of the past. Click the 'Producer's Notes' banner below for more.


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This week’s show:




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Hour 1:

Set 1: The Sounds of Brazil Opening Theme

Bein’ Cool<>Djavan/Puzzle of Hearts

Old Samba<>J. Marino & Friends/My Little Town

So Nice<>Astrud Gilberto/A Certain Smile

Welcome to the Brazil Club Lounge                     

Old City New City<>Larry Coryell/Live From Bahia

Special Announcement

Me Transformo Em Luar<>Fabio Souza/Amor Pra Sempre


Set 2:

Introduce Our Next Set

Baby<>Gal Costa/Gal Costa

Bom Dia<>Roberto Vally/Boom Boom Boom

Introduce Next Song

Alegria, Alegria<>Caetano Veloso/Tropicalia

Super Strut<>Deodato/Deodato 2

Wave<> Antonio Carlos Jobim/Wave


Set 3: Introduce This Week’s Spotlight Song

Eu Sei<>Marisa Monte/Mais

Sunset Monkeys<>Adam Dunning/ Sunset Monkeys

Better Days Ahead<>Pat Metheny/Letter From Home


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Hour 2:

Set 1:

Saudade<>Thievery Corporation/Saudade

Ponteio<>Edu Lobo/Sergio Mendes Presents Edu Lobo  

Welcome To Our Second Hour

Travessia<>Milton Nascimento/Travessia

Color of the Watercolor<>R. Folegatti/Color of The Watercolor        

Stay<>Astrud Gilberto/Beach Samba      

Special Announcement

Me Deixa Em Paz<>Leo Gandelman/Black Pearls


Set 2:

Introduce Next Set

Que Te Viu, Que Te Ve<>Sonia Rosa/Sonia Rosa

Zingaro<>Antonio Carlos Jobim/The Composer

Introduce Next Song                                                                     

Dindi<>Frank Sinatra/Sinatra & Jobim

Green Eyes<>Marcos Ariel/My Only Passion

Saudade Vem Correndo<>Bebel Gilberto/Tudo

Like A Lover<>Dori Caymmi/Dori Caymmi


Set 3:

Night & Day<>Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66/Equinox

Sintra<>Camiel/On A Day Like This

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This Week on The Sounds of Brazil : '1967'

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